Looking for authors: a short guide on how to add hikes to Hikable

  Jan Douwe Kooistra on September 26, 2014

We’ve been getting a lot of feedback on our beta version of Hikable.com. And a lot of people ask how they can add hikes to Hikable themselves. I guess it’s not entirely clear how this works.

So, since you asked: we won’t be opening up Hikable.com for everybody any time soon. But we are looking for authors.

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Bookstore + old fashioned guide book + map = Hikable

  Jan Douwe Kooistra on June 27, 2014

It’s been a week since we launched Hikable.com in public beta. We’ve had lots of feedback and we’re very happy with every email and tweet we get.

I thought it might be a good idea to post something about what we’re trying to do. A manifesto of sorts.

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Introducing Hikable

  Jan Douwe Kooistra on June 16, 2014

After lots of dreaming and quite a bit of work, we just launched Hikable.com. We want to create the best hiking guides you can imagine for the best hikes in the world.

We made Hikable.com because we love hiking, and we love discovering new hikes. On Hikable.com we want to publish as many Hikable Guides as we can.

Curious what a Hikable Guide looks like, check out the West Highland Way, a beautiful multi-day hike in Scotland.

We’re trying to reinvent the old fashioned guide books you can find in those nice travel bookshops you find everywhere in the world.


Like a guide book, but with interactive maps and gps

We’ve just launched Hikable.com, we’re working on an app so you can easily take you Hikable Guide with you on the go. For now you’ll have to do with the printable ebook.


We can use all the help we can get. Please let us know what you think! Email us at hi at hikable.com. We’re also on Twitter: @hikable